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24 in x 48 in | 61 cm x 122 cm

Original Artwork

Fashion Warrior’ exudes a powerful fusion of punk rebellion and high-end couture.

The artist captures a woman in profile, her head bowed, sporting a striking punk crest amidst a tribal allure. This juxtaposition of subversive punk elements with refined couture reflects a deliberate clash of societal norms and a rebellion against conventional fashion standards.

The pattern in the dress suggests a laborious couture process, symbolizing the dedication required to challenge established norms. The work conveys a palpable sense of determination, as if the subject is a modern-day warrior asserting her identity through her unique style. 

Overall, ‘Fashion Warrior’ is a visual manifesto celebrating individuality, resistance, and the transformative power of fashion.


Acrylic painting and collage on canvas.

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