Collection: OCEAN

This series is dedicated to exploring NATURE, drawing inspiration from the ocean and marine life encountered in Florida, enhanced by its unique light.

Some may perceive cetaceans such as whales, while others may envision undulating marine landscapes adorned with bubbles and seashells.

The fluidity of the paintings is encapsulated within a structured framework, symbolizing the delicate equilibrium between chaos and order.

Navigating the realm of fluid painting can be challenging, especially when one already envisions the desired outcome. Yet, it is precisely this challenge that Nathalie MOULINET: the thrill of not losing control. Embracing the unpredictable nature of fluidity, she finds joy in the process of coaxing colors and forms into harmonious compositions while maintaining a delicate balance between intention and spontaneity.

These canvases offer versatility, as they can be displayed horizontally or vertically, depending on the mood or inspiration.

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