FINE ART - Painter & Sculptor


A native of France, deeply enamored with the vibrant energy of Miami, Nathalie MOULINET's artistic journey spans over a decade of immersive education at the 'Ateliers des Beaux-Arts' in both Normandy and Paris. 

Driven by boundless creativity, she honed her skills in specialized master classes and under the mentorship of the distinguished French painter, Jacques Deshaies, a visionary artist whose palette echoes the hues of nature. 

Nathalie's artistry transcends disciplines, encompassing a diverse range of mediums and techniques: from the precise strokes of drawing and the ethereal hues of watercolor to the bold textures of acrylics, the timeless richness of oils, and the tactile allure of clay and wax modeling. Her repertoire extends to bronze casting, enamelwork, stone sculpture, stained glass, epoxy resin, mono-printing, and collage. Her unquenchable thirst for innovation drives her to constantly seek fresh avenues of artistic expression. 

Through her art, she channels her emotions, seamlessly blending vigor with delicacy. Her portraits serve as vibrant symbols of contemporary women's empowerment and emancipation, daring to challenge societal norms that seek to subdue, stigmatize, or impede women from realizing their fullest potential. Nathalie's approach is refreshingly straightforward. Instead of weaving complex narratives, she allows her sensitivity to be the compass that guides her, amplifying the unique essence of people and objects. 

For her, painting and sculpture are harmonious endeavors: whether shaping forms from clay or applying brushstrokes and stencils, each action converges towards a singular artistic vision. 

"Shaping or painting a body is akin to narrating a tale. "

Nulla dies sine linea
Pliny the Elder | Pline l'ancien | 1st Century

  • Mixed media

    Collage and acrylic paint on canvas.
    Inspired by Pop or Street Art, the main figure is painted using brushes instead of stencil.

    Format ranging from 24 x 36 in to 48 x 60 in | from 61 x 91 cm to 122 x 152

  • Clay Modeling

    Modeling based on living models, in the Beaux-Arts. Made of clay or sandstone, sculptures are hollowed out, cooked in a potter's kiln and, at last, they can be patinated in a dark bronze way.

  • Monoprinting

    Artwork based on mono-printing process, with acrylic paints printed on paper. Original Artworks.

    Handmade stencils can be used.

    Format ranging from 11x14 in to 14x22 in | from 28 x36 cm to 36 x 56 cm

  • Intuitive Acrylic Painting

    Fluid painting is a particular technique, even delicate if you want to keep control over the general composition of the canvas, one of the preponderant aspects in her work.

    Format ranging from 11 x 14 in to 24 x 36 in | from 28 x 36 cm to 61 x 91 cm.

  • Bronze

    The realization of these bronzes goes through a modeling of a wax sculpture. A mold is made with a metal frame and a clay-based shell. The liquid bronze is poured into the mold, chasing away the melted wax and taking its place. After a long polishing work, the bronze shine
    appears: the sculpture is born... magical moment.

  • Acrylic Painting

    She loves faces, she loves direct looks, she loves colors...These portraits are made using acrylic paints on canvas.

    Format ranging from 18x24
    in to 48x60 in | from 46x61 cm to 122x152 cm, so very tall for some of them.

  • Image Transfert & Printmaking

    Image transfert techniques mixed with monoprinting techniques and drawing. A way to create several layers and people fade out.
    Original artwork.

    Format ranging from 11x14 in to 14x22 in | from 28 x36 cm to 36 x 56 cm

  • Epoxy Resin Sculpture

    Based on her own bronze sculptures, a silicon mold is created to produce a serie of translucent and colorful sculptures. (Aqua ladyes series).

  • And many more techniques to explore

    Among these techniques, she would like to explore street art spray painting, (wet) cyanotype, welding sculpture, encaustic, engraving, pendulum painting... and digital creation, of course.