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    Who is Nathalie Moulinet ?

    As a French artist residing in Miami, Nathalie MOULINET boasts over two decades of experience in crafting original artwork.

    A creative mastermind from birth, she holds a master's degree in Art & Computer Sciences from the "Ecole des Beaux-Arts" and the "Université de Normandie."

    With acute sensitivity and a sharp attention to detail, Nathalie initiates her artistic journey by delving into her favorite themes of (WO)MAN and NATURE, all viewed through the prism of FREEDOM. For instance, she intricately examines the influence and consequences of social media on our sense of freedom, showcasing a diverse skill set in her expression.

    Her work has expanded to include artists, athletes, and notably boxers, paying tribute to the artist's grandfather, a 1932 Normandy champion. This inclusion of boxing adds depth by exploring the mental and emotional aspects of these individuals, complementing their physical abilities across different themes.

    Nulla dies sine linea | Not a day without a line
    Pliny the Elder | Pline l'ancien | 1st Century

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