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36 in x 48 in | 91 cm x 121.9 cm

Original Artwork

"Twin Sisters" portrays a compelling bond between two women, evident in their shared hairstyle and palpable closeness.

The artist captures their intimate connection, hinting strongly at a sisterly relationship. The use of similar coiffure highlights their kinship, while the subtle nuances in expression reveal individuality within this unity.

Through this canvas, the artist seeks to celebrate the unique yet inseparable bond that exists between siblings. The tone and delicate brushwork evoke a sense of timeless elegance, drawing the viewer into the emotional depth of the subjects.

The artist's deliberate choice of composition underscores the centrality of their connection, placing them at the heart of the canvas.

Overall, "Twin Sisters" beautifully encapsulates the essence of sisterhood, emphasizing the strength and enduring love that unites these two women. 

Acrylic painting and collage on canvas.

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