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TEDDY BEAR (Individual canvas) - DON'T YOU DARE

TEDDY BEAR (Individual canvas) - DON'T YOU DARE

36 in x 72 in | 91 cm x 183 cm

Original Artwork

This interpretation of a young Kate Moss sheds light on a period of youthful innocence for the fashion icon. 

The painting exudes a powerful and provocative aura, capturing a very young woman with her hair pulled up, clad only in a pair of underwear, stockings, and high-heeled shoes. This choice of minimal clothing amplifies the raw vulnerability and confidence of the subject.

The juxtaposition of the teddy bear she cradles, shielding her chest, adds an intriguing layer of innocence and protection.

This bold portrayal suggests a commentary on societal expectations, challenging norms surrounding nudity and self-expression. The piercing gaze of the woman communicates a sense of defiance, suggesting a rejection of imposed standards of modesty.

Overall, this artwork explore themes of strength, self-assuredness, freedom, and the complexity of female identity in a world that often attempts to confine it. It's also a striking tribute both to Kate Moss as a person and her impact on fashion culture.

Acrylic painting and collage on canvas.

Based on a Kate GARNER's photography.

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