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SERIOUSLY?! - Galerie Rollin

SERIOUSLY?! - Galerie Rollin

24 in x 36 in | 61 cm x 91 cm

Original Artwork

Artwork acquired by Galerie Rollin and available from Galerie Rollin, France, Normandy, Rouen (If interested, contact @Galerie_Rollin).

"Seriously?!" or "I shop therefore I am"

This painting captures a modern woman with a playful pout, sporting a sleek high bun, exuding a contemporary flair.

Indeed, the text "I shop therefore I am" is a clever play on Descartes' famous quote "Cogito, ergo sum" which translates to "I think, therefore I am." This artistic choice serves as a witty commentary on modern society's emphasis on consumerism as a means of self-identity.

The artist is juxtaposing a philosophical foundation with a contemporary societal truth, highlighting the shift in values over time and she is critiquing a society driven by materialism, suggesting that one's worth is often linked to their purchasing power.

Through this piece, the artist aims to provoke reflection on the relationship between consumer culture and self-worth. The choice of a sassy expression and a chic hairstyle implies a deliberate juxtaposition of style and substance, questioning societal priorities.

Overall, the artist's intent appears to be a commentary on the commodification of identity in our consumer-driven world, urging viewers to contemplate their own values and priorities.

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