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SELFIE among... - Galerie Rollin

SELFIE among... - Galerie Rollin

48 in x 48 in | 122 cm x 122 cm

Original Artwork


Artwork acquired by Galerie Rollin and available from Galerie Rollin, France, Normandy, Rouen (If interested, contact @Galerie_Rollin).

In this thought-provoking painting, a young lady captures a moment of her existence through a selfie, symbolizing the profound influence of social networks on today's life.

The artist raises awareness about the impact of these platforms on personal lives, highlighting how individuals increasingly seek validation and self-worth through virtual connections.

The portrayal serves as a reminder of the paradoxical nature of these networks, simultaneously connecting and isolating individuals, blurring the line between reality and perception.

Through this artwork, we are prompted to reflect on the potential consequences of excessive reliance on social media and need for genuine human connection.

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