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MARYLIN - STAR & ICON - Galerie Rollin

MARYLIN - STAR & ICON - Galerie Rollin

24 in x 36 in | 61 cm x 91 cm

Original Artwork

Artwork acquired by Galerie Rollin and available from Galerie Rollin, France, Normandy, Rouen (If interested, contact @Galerie_Rollin).

Acrylic painting, gold leaf and collage on canvas.

This painting portrays Marilyn Monroe with a golden circle above her head, akin to a halo, symbolizing her iconic status.

The inclusion of a lion pays homage to Vanessa Paradis' song, which speaks of the union between a star and a lion in her song "Marilyn et John."

The artist aims at elevating Monroe to a celestial realm, highlighting her enduring influence. The golden halo suggests a sense of divinity, emphasizing her impact on popular culture and the art world. The lion's presence could signify strength and courage, qualities often associated with Monroe's persona but also represents her love John K..

This piece might be an exploration of the enduring allure and mystique surrounding Monroe, immortalizing her as an eternal icon. The juxtaposition of the two elements hints at a narrative that blends mythology and contemporary culture, emphasizing Monroe's legendary status.

The artist's intent is an homage, celebrating Monroe's cultural significance and leaving a lasting impression on the viewer.

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