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24 in x 36 in | 61 cm x 91 cm

Original Artwork

Madonna into the Gr(o)ove... like Coconut Grove.

This artwork pays homage to Madonna by blending elements from her song "Into the Groove" and the iconic Miami neighborhood "Coconut Grove."

In this piece, Madonna exudes a sultry confidence, reminiscent of the timeless allure of Marilyn Monroe.

The artist's intention was to highlight Madonna's ability to constantly reinvent herself while preserving her core essence as a liberated woman. Madonna's various personas - be it the material girl, pop art icon, or penitent catholic - are portrayed in a series of identical nested portraits, akin to reflections in mirrors.

This layered representation underscores the idea that, despite her transformations, Madonna always remains true to herself.

The juxtaposition of identities serves as a testament to her enduring authenticity in the face of evolving public personas.

Through this artwork, the artist celebrates Madonna's ability to shape-shift, all while staying unapologetically Madonna.

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