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18 in x 24 in | 45.5 cm x 61 cm

Original Artwork

This painting is a striking representation of a woman adorned with a rabbit-eared mask, paying homage to Playgirl's "Let's Go Party".

The imagery exudes an air of playful allure, as the mask conceals the woman's true emotions, leaving a sense of mystery.

The rabbit ears add a whimsical touch, infusing the scene with a sense of whimsy and charm. The juxtaposition of the mask and the rabbit ears creates a captivating visual contrast, highlighting the duality of celebration and hidden depths.

The composition evokes a sense of movement and festivity, echoing the spirited essence of the title.

Overall, the artwork captures the essence of "Let's Go Party", offering a compelling blend of intrigue, celebration, and artistry. The painting invites the viewer to explore the complexities beneath the surface, inviting them into a world of masked revelry and hidden emotions.

Acrylic painting and collage on canvas.

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