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18 in x 24 in | 45.5 cm x 61 cm

Original Artwork

This painting evokes a sense of curiosity and contemplation.

The young girl with braids, her finger on her lips, seems to invite intrigue. The title "Follow Me" adds a layer of invitation, almost urging the viewer to engage.

The presence of "subscribe" and "likes" implies a modern, digital context, highlighting the importance of online connections and validation in our current life.

The juxtaposition of traditional imagery with these digital cues is thought-provoking. It suggests a reflection on the interplay between our physical and virtual identities.

The gentle brushwork and contrast contribute to the overall contemplative mood.

The artist  captures a moment of quiet introspection, prompting us to consider the role of social media in our lives. "Follow Me" invites us to ponder the complexities of communication and connection in our contemporary world.

Acrylic painting and collage on canvas.
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