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30 in x 36 in | 76 cm x 91 cm

Original Artwork

This painting vividly portrays a monkey hanging from a branch, desperately attempting to grasp a banana with a string. It embodies a powerful commentary on the deceptive nature of desire and the illusion of attainment.

The artist's intent here is a reflection on the human condition, where aspirations and pursuits can often lead us astray, chasing illusory goals.  The monkey's futile efforts serve as a metaphor for the fruitless pursuit of materialistic desires.

Andy Warhol's inclusion of his painted banana adds an additional layer of irony, blurring the lines between reality and artifice.

The choice of the text, "Don't fake me out with your art," conveys a plea for authenticity in a world filled with superficiality and imitation.

This piece serves as a compelling reminder to seek genuine fulfillment beyond mere surface appearances.

Acrylic painting and collage on canvas.
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