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36 in x 72 in | 91 cm x 183 cm

Original Artwork

Surrounding this portrait of Mike Tyson, a multitude of elements tell the fascinating story of the legendary boxer:

  • Newspaper Pages: Articles and headlines tracing key moments of his career and personal life, including a piece on the ear he bit during a fight.
  • Book: pages from books about the boxer's life
  • Quotations: Famous phrases and deep reflections from Mike Tyson, offering insight into his mind, some transformed into graphic elements.
  • Clues:
    • Tiger: Because he kept tigers as pets.
    • Mao and "Days of Grace": his tattoos. 
    • His height in feet and cm: To compare with the taller Muhammad Ali.
    • Year of birth: A reminder of his beginnings.
    • Boxing gloves: Symbols of his career and victories.
    • Dollars: Representing his wealth and financial controversies.
    • Pigeons: Referring to his passion for pigeon breeding.
    • Tribal tattoo: A detail of his iconic appearance.

Each detail of this painting is meticulously chosen to offer a deep dive into the world of Mike Tyson, allowing admirers to discover or rediscover the essence of this legend through visual and symbolic clues.

Take the time to explore every corner of this artwork. The scattered clues tell much more than what is visible at first glance.

Also a thought for Nathalie moulinet's grandfather (Marcel Moulinet) ex-professional boxer then trainer in Normandy, France.  (Marcel MOULINET - Normandy Champion - 1932)

Acrylic painting and collage on canvas.
This canvas is one of the two parts of a diptych (36 by 72 inches each).


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