Collection: GLAM'URBAN


The Glam'Urban series primarily shined a spotlight on women, whether famous or anonymous, who often take center stage in her artwork. It's a tribute to womankind and the various ways their personalities unfold or transform over time.

The series has seen expansion with the introduction of new subjects, shining a spotlight on remarkable men from various backgrounds, including artists and athletes. Specifically, it has opened up to a particular group, that of boxers, thus subtly paying homage to the artist's grandfather, who was a champion in Normandy in 1932. This foray into the world of boxing adds a dimension to the series, showcasing not only the physical and athletic aspect but also the mental and emotional aspect of these athletes.

Regardless of the theme being addressed, she enjoys capturing elements in layers, some set against the backdrop, others in the foreground like events that shape our lives and reveal our true selves.

The background elements consist of generic papers that give a homogeneous tint to the canvas, as well as book pages related to the subject, newspapers clippings, quotes, and contextual graphic elements sometimes created using homemade stencils. However, the main subject itself is painted with a brush, thus imbuing it with an originality that cannot be duplicated.

Through her canvases, she narrates a story for you...

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This series is distributed in exclusivity, in Miami and surrounding areas, by Lina Cerrone Gallery (Miami Wynwood - @linaCerroneGallery).
For inquiries regarding pricing or information, please reach out to  Lina Cerrone Gallery.